First of all, it is NEVER a good idea to use words like ‘fault’ or ‘blame’, etc.

Neither the couple nor the doctor should use words like these, since they can create a big -and unfair- psychological burden.

The couple must feel as one, as a unit, and there should be no room for ‘I’ or ‘you’.

Instead, the discussion should always be about ‘us’.


As for the answer to the question, it is true that 30-40% of infertility cases are male-related.

Therefore, it is possible that conception difficulties have something to do with sperm quantity/quality.

Depending on the exact cause of this, there are several treatment options (e.g. smoking cessation, supplements or varicose vein surgery)

But even if everything else fails, most sperm-related infertility is treated by using the ICSI method in IVF.