IVF instructions

Egg collection

Egg collection

Egg collection is a necessary step during IVF and it takes place when the eggs are mature enough following ovarian stimulation.

It is the only time in IVF process when pain relief is needed.

The egg collection is scheduled 32-36 hours after the last injection which induces final maturation of the eggs.

It is a simple procedure that lasts 10-30 minutes, depending on how many eggs are available.

The doctor uses a small needle that draws fluid containing the eggs from the ovary under ultrasound guidance, while the woman is under light sedation.

After the procedure, the woman is monitored for 30-60 minutes until she is ready to go home.



  • EMPTY STOMACH – The last meal before the egg collection should be light and taken early the night before. Only water is allowed until midnight. On the morning of the procedure, chewing gum, sweets or coffee are prohibited. The only exception is taking some essential medications with minimal water (the instructions are strict because the contents of the stomach can be aspirated when under sedation and move to the lungs – very dangerous)
  • NO SMOKING – In general, there should be no smoking during the IVF process (and even later during pregnancy). But especially prior to egg collection, smoking increases the likelihood of complications
  • NO MAKE-UP / PAINTED NAILS / CONTACT LENSES / MOBILE DENTURES – All of the above make the anesthetist’s job during egg collection harder and increase the risks of complications
  • NO PERFUMES – They are toxic to the eggs
  • EARLY ARRIVAL FOR THE PROCEDURE – It is advisable for the woman to get to the IVF unit at least 45 minutes prior to the set time for the egg collection



After the procedure, the woman remains in the dedicated recovery area for 30-60 minutes, where she’s looked after by nurses.

You may feel some discomfort (due to the procedure) or dizziness and nausea (due to the sedation).

  • Feel free to ask for help and / or medications to feel better
  • Do not rush to get out of bed or leave the IVF unit
  • Wait until you fully recover before you go home
  • It is necessary for you to leave with a friend or relative, as you must not drive (even if you feel perfectly well)
  • For the rest of the day, make sure you rest and have light meals with plenty of fluids
  • You may have aches for a few days, as well as a bit of blood or brown discharge
  • If you feel that you have a fever or if the pain is excessive or if you have too much blood, you should consult your doctor